Andreas Søvik

An experienced Software Developer living in Norway. As a developer I am focused on creating stable and high-performing systems for the modern web.

My focus at work is high quality engineering and contributing to teams with technical guidance and leadership. I believe that helping team members improve is an extremely important part of working on challenging projects in tech. Talented people work well when given autonomy, trust and enough guidance to boost their progress.

I am currently employed at Blank where I do consulting for product and technology companies.

Relevant experience and past focus areas

Programming fully tailored web-solutions for e-commerce systems targetting the high-end customer segment.

Working hands-on with product development and system integrations in the finance and insurance domain.

Implementing core technical parts of modern Web SDKs and frontend tooling used by hundreds of other web developers.

Planning and building popular user-facing products on the web, including some of the biggest online publishers in Scandinavia.

Designing and implementing backend systems used for business-critical tasks.

Working in teams consisting of a mix of expertise; UX, product managers and engineers. I have also had several technical leading roles while remaining hands-on with the technology.

I have summarized some of these projects.

Technical expertise

Languages and tools that I am currently using in a professional setting

I also have professional experience with

Infastructure and tools

Education and certifications

I believe in adopting to the technical tools best suited for a given job and try to avoid locking myself into specific tools and frameworks.


Currently a shareholding employee at Blank A/S. Get in touch with me for any business inquiries.