Portfolio summary

Gjensidige webshop

Crafting fully tailored web-based e-commerce solutions for one of the most established and respected enterprises in Norway.


Techlead of responsible team and co-authored an ecosystem aimed at best-practice JavaScript applications using server-rendered React. Focus on developer productivity.

Schibsted Publishing Platform - Web SDK

Contributor in a team building the next-generation Web SDK for Schibsted Publishing used by other professional developers. Hosting big publishers like Aftonbladet and VG.


The biggest premium online news service in Norway. Techlead and main contributor spanning multiple years of new development and maintenance.

Android apps

Created and published hybrid Android apps like for Schibsted

VG Breaking News - Push infrastructure

Technical platform for sending breaking news notifications to a large number of subscribers in a short amount of time. Pre-dating the Paas alternatives.

Imbo - Python client

Use Imbo (ImageBox) in your Python applications. Python SDK.


National scale project to search for real-estate price history. Included geography-based searches implemented using Sphinx and very early versions of Google Maps.

Local newspaper migration

Key contributor in ambitious project; moving over 30 local online newspapers to a Java-based platform.

Given presentations

Edge Seminars

Building modern javascript applications with Roc

Schibsted Barcelona: REBOOT 2016

Simplifying modern JavaScript development


Simplifying the modern JavaScript toolchain


Weapon of Choice - Native, Hybrid or Web: VG+


I have also held several internal technical presentations and workshops on different occasions upon request.


Modern JavaScript - an alternative approach

A background behind the Roc.js initiative at Schibsted

JavaScript: What the hell is this?

A technical introduction to JavaScript

Getting started with Varnish Cache

A technical introduction to using Varnish cache